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According to the review and reorganization of the management structure and coaching seal housing, the performance of the implementing rules and regulations set upstream, as financing cash funding capacity, the sales of shares and earn money on proprietary <br> councils revival, and the revival of screening Andishe citizenship dedication to of the project has had.

The implementation of upstream regulation, funding critical capacity, such as finance, proprietary stock trading and earn money on professional councils revival screening projects and revive the notion of citizenship is concerned.
According to the report, the ministry set the width of the wide and varied activities and special faces.

The Council also specialized in the recovery of the starting date, the Commission has been active in road safety and has established three sessions. Safety Council also proposed the formation of a government is headed by the president.
As one of the first measures to be put on the agenda.

engaged in the development and evaluation activities performed action and the action is real.
The revival of the idea of ​​citizenship as the main mission of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and implementation of regulations enacted to enhance safety, comfort, improve service quality and protection of the rights of citizens. Therefore, the design and review of all policies and operational processes is worthy; indicators pivotal justice, civil rights and accountability to be considered.
communication and consultation took place.

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